Black Onyx Pebble Tec

Plumeria Pools referred this homeowner to quality resurfacing professionals who completed this beautiful Black Onyx Pebble Tec resurfacing with surrounding tile work. Plumeria Pools took care of installing a top-of-the line salt system and energy-efficient variable-speed pump, and tuned up the existing heater, while ensuring careful, recurring water and chemical balancing to ensure quality and protection of the homeowner’s investment.

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Plumeria Pools has had the privilege of providing a full array of pool services (maintenance, equipment repair and installation, leak detection services, resurfacing referrals, etc.) to valued customers across Orange County for almost 20 years. Our commitment to quality, dependability, integrity and trust in all we do is the foundation for recurring success and satisfaction of our customers. As owner and Navy veteran, I stand proudly by our commitment at all times.


Our Business

I started Plumeria Pools a because I had personally experienced, and heard too many accounts from other people, of bad experiences with their pool service. Too many experienced minimal effort, high rates and inconsistency in all aspects! I knew that my knowledge, experience, responsibility, flexibility and integrity would serve me well in this business, and it has!

I am a licensed, insured, and bonded pool contractor. I am a US Navy veteran and bring 18 years of experience in the industry. I continue to offer very competitive rates, please give me a try – I promise, you will not be disappointed! Call me at 949.412.6308 today.

Spring Tip for Your Pool

Now spring is here. If you haven’t used your heaters since fall and winter. There might be spider webs that can clog the jets, or Rats might have made a home in your heater. Rats love wires. We have a kit to keep rats out. In closing about heaters if your heater is old it should be De-Soot every two years. Plumeria Pools can also do this.

I would also highly recommend the purchase and installation of a variable speed pump to dramatically save on your energy costs, which can typically spike significantly during the summer months and heavy use of your pool!

Weekly Pool and In-ground Spa Maintenance
Plumeria Pools offers weekly pool and in-ground spa maintenance services at very competitive rates. We can also make your pool crystal clear during seasonal increases in phosphates and algae, or significant weather events!

Plumeria Pools can provide installation and repairs for energy-efficient heaters, variable-speed pumps, filters and salt systems. Any new installations of these products will receive 20% off labor during the month of August!

Plumeria pools can repair or replace broken or new tile, waterfall bowls/urns, as well as expansion joints.